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Concrete Washouts

Concrete washouts may be more important than you think. Just ask Bob Eason, the owner of Outpak Washout.

Eason spent 30 years in the Idaho construction industry. Eason poured concrete for a variety of projects in the Gem State. So, he understands the challenges to environmental-friendly construction. He understands what it means to have liability.

Here are Eason’s and Outpak Washout’s Top 4 Reasons to perform proper concrete washout and cement washout procedures:

REASON #1 for Proper Concrete Washout | AVOID COSTLY EPA FINES

The maximum fine levied by the Environmental Protection Agency is $11,000.00 PER DAY. Walmart recently paid $7 million in fines. Don’t be the government’s next victim. Prepare for enforcement within the city or county you are working in. Get Outpak Washout products and begin cost-effective concrete washout today.

REASON #2 for Proper Concrete Washout | LIMIT YOUR ONSITE LIABILITY

Some construction companies are resorting to “kiddy” pools for their concrete washout needs. Imagine the legal problems you could face if a child ever found his or her way into a pool with a water pH balance equal to Liquid Drano. Can you say, “lawsuit?”

REASON #3 for Proper Concrete Washout | SAVE TIME & MONEY

There is no faster way to manage concrete washout. There is no cheaper way to manage concrete washout. Outpak Washout products are easy to store. Outpak Washout products are easy to deploy. And Outpak Washout products are easy to dispose.

REASON #4 for Proper Concrete Washout | DO THE RIGHT THING!

Bob is a veteran of the concrete construction business, and he’s a native Idahoan. That means he appreciates what Mother Nature has provided. He values being a good steward of the land, by providing affordable and efficient eco-friendly development.