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Concrete Washouts

Bob Eason has been in the construction business for over thirty years as a contractor, In the spring of 2008 the city of Boise, Idaho began enforcing the Federal Clean Water Act requiring all construction sites to provide concrete washouts on site prior to receiving footing inspections. After challenging the law, it was explained that the high PH water created from the washout slurry that caused the law to mandated on a national scale.

Bob came to the conclusion that his employees get paid for setting forms and pouring concrete not building a washout site. After doing some research on concrete washouts he saw a possible market for a cost effective solution for contractors such as Eason Concrete. This is when the Outpak Washout was born. In the fall of 2008 Bob began working on a portable disposable concrete washout system. The first Outpak Washouts were all PVC and better suited for special projects and wanting to create the ultimate solution; Bob continued to improve his design. Finally the more cost effective, corrugate washout was created. The 350lbs water treated craft box with a four mill bag liner was the ticket. Bob’s washout created all the functionality he desired: portable, compact, very easy to set up, cost effective, and recyclable. They are offered in two sizes 4×4 and 6×6 specifically designed for pump trucks. Outpak still provides two PVC washouts for higher volume and very inclement weather conditions.

Concrete Washout

Outpak continues to improve on there concrete washouts design as well as introduce other products to the market. Outpak is distributed by some of the most forward thinking concrete accessory supply stores in the country as well as Australia and New Zealand.